Our story

Fingers get activated; a little awkward at first, but they slowly get more assurance . Few hours later, the first earring is there! It’s blue, shiny and made of pearls and african print!

Let’s go back in time. For many years, Solange Assandjo was deep in her thoughts. Her routine job never allowed her to express her creativity until one day, during her break time, an idea began to sprout. A desire to create, desire to make old dreams come to pass.

Being a patriot of interbreeding and cultural exchange, she decides to create jewelries reflecting herself: a little from somewhere else but more from here.
Then she gets excited; ideas amalgamate, and then she decides to try; after all, why not!?
Presented to friends, the first jewerlies are a success and the desire for this to be more than a hobby sprouts.
It’s a casual statement made by a friend that hits her: “why are you afraid to shine?”
Audacity? Shine? Then it all became clear. A step is made and one thing leads to another. Finally, the brand is created in January 2014 and a name has to be given.
Oryah, which means “light” comes naturally.

A hobby became a jewelry and accessory line, all in fineness and light. This is the Oryah story.
Through her brand, Solange desires to express her creativity, her commitment to rich african culture and diversity.
African art made available to each and every one of us to shine: Oryah, the Art of shining!


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