Oryah is pleased to present its first collection: Mi ni Moh.
Mi ni Moh means « Thank you Mom » It is a tribute from the designer Solange Assandjo to her own mother.

From the start of her creative process, Solange wanted to associate her two cultures: her African culture from her birth country, and her European adoption culture. Then she got naturally the idea to use the Baoulé weight traditionally used in the manufacture of pageantry jewelry.

Moreover, the years she spent in Europe have led to a desire to highlight this aspect of African art in making it known through Oryah creations.

The jewelry collection Mi ni Moh have been designed and created with Baoulé weights as guiding principle. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc, Oryah jewelry can be worn for special occasions like parties, weddings, galas … .or just to shine every day.

Small bonus, thanks to Oryah and the collection Mi ni Moh, you’ll say thank you in several African languages. Indeed, each of the jewels that make up the collection has a name which means thank you in an African language.

  • Oda wa is: Ashanti (Ghana, Ivory Coast)
  • Enkosi: Xhosa (South Africa)
  • Akiba: Fang (Gabon)
  • Nouari: Soninke (Mali)
  • Misaotra: Malagasy (Madagascar)
  • Barka Moré (Burkina Faso)
  • Imela: Igbo (Nigeria)
  • Asante: Swahili (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda)


Necklace Akiba and earrings Misaotra


Earrings Asante blue


Earrings and medal Oda wa sé


Oda wa sé Set

Oda wa sé Set


Imela Set

The jewelry collection is complemented by a range of unisex scarves made of woven loincloth.
With their bright colors and silk lining, these scarves will make a chic and stylish next to your outfits.




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