West african woven fabrics

The woven fabric is generally found in many African countries under different names : « pagne Baoulé » in Côte d’Ivoire, « Kente » or « Kita » in Ghana, « Mandjak » in Senegal, « Faso Danfani » in Burkina Faso. The woven fabric is the trademark of experienced weavers who handle with dexterity shimmering colors and geometric patterns. It is made manually from cotton yarn and is weaved in narrow strips on a traditional loom designed by the weaver himself. The strips are then assembled to form a larger fabric called « pagne ».

The art of weaving is a true ancestral heritage, transmitted from generation to generation.

The woven fabric originally worn during traditional ceremonies, is nowadays used to make clothing, bags, shoes and even painting and furniture.

Oryah uses these fabrics to elaborate colorful scarves for both men and women.


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