Oryah launch: behind the scenes

You would never guess what is behind a handmade brand launch.

In taking the decision to make Oryah live, the project that I had been brewing for some time now, because of a past experience, had given me some insight into the challenge ahead.

However the style that I was hoping to give to Oryah necessitated a greater commitment and financial means to meet this aspiration.

My talent and what brings me joy is the conception and making jewelry and accessories.

However, I am also aware that the marketing aspect must not be neglected. And herein is the difficulty where many young creators find themselves.

The lack of time, the lack of financial means, or the lack of know-how in this field constitutes an adjustment factor: if the opportunity presents itself, one invests time and money into it. Otherwise, well, maybe for another time.

For the launching of Oryah, I had a unique opportunity! To be able to be accompanied throughout the process by Mary of the Pagnifik blog from whom I was able to benefit from professionalism and meticulousness.

The visual identity of Oryah was then built by the Pagnifik team according to the instructions that I gave: the colors violet and yellow, akan weight. After the first 2 propositions, the 3rd was the correct one.

The structure of the brand is also important in order to confirm the strategic directions. In this matter, I was also able to benefit from adequate advice.

After that, we needed to create the website. I made my wishes known through a set of works instructions. A few weeks later, I had a website prototype that I was happy with.

The part which was the longest and most cumbersome to put into place was the photos.

I had contacts for photographers. However finding someone who was able to offer me preferential rates was difficult to find!

Also, finding models to add value to Oryah turned out to be another kettle of fish. The entire story ended up being resolved 3 days before the confirmed date for the shooting. Whew!

I would have liked to spare you all the administrative aspects details: drafting of legal notices, general conditions of sales…but wow ! Then again it was a real battle obtaining proofreading and sound legal advice.

I’m finally there! The Oryah adventure has been launched. I hope that you enjoy the products that I meticulously produce with love. I also hope that I will be able to share with you my passion for akan cultural richness.

See you very soon.

Solange Assandjo

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